Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long life or the power of memory ?

Would you like to live five hundred years or more? What would you do if you had a very long life? Would you be happy? Hmm you may get bored? But I think the vital question is: What would you remember from the old days? Sometimes I ask myself what remains from now to tomorrow. If I didn't remember yesterday, I wouldn't create special moments for tomorrow. Because it wouldn't be that fun if you didn't remember all those special moment from the past. It's like a project that you've been working on your computer. If you cannot save that you've created, what is the point of working on it? Or you got a packet. Everyday you put a gold coin in your pocket but you recognize there is a big hole in the pocket and all those you've saved now is gone. How would you feel? As you can see memory is one of the most important thing in satisfaction and happiness. Everyday instead of imagining bad events, imagine happy moments from your life. Bad things seem big when we met them first . They are just momentarily difficulties. Defeat them and turn them into successes. Let them make you more powerful. And as long as you defeat them, they will be the other happy moments which are your victories. Make your happy moments immortal because they will be your savior in the bad periods of your life. And you should know that, you weren't be that strong person if all those difficulties didn't occur and you didn't defeat them. Obviously this life is the only thing that I have and I just try to enjoy as much as I can . And of course I'd rather have strong and good memories than an eternal life.

And one more thing : Happiness is real if you share it :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


They are great tools to keep people together and make them serve for one big aim. Some of them created kingdoms,empires and countries. The idea of another world is too fantastic for people who haven't found happiness in this world. At the same time it is a great solace for the poor,wretched people. Listening about real justice,equality,happiness,eternity,pleasure,joy briefly all these utopias so fantastic for silly people. This may be why people believe without ask about facts. Religions such a big hope,aim and common point for people to assemble. Belief was a great motivation during the age of wars. Under the name of god,fighting for one's country was an honorable and glorious death for a man. It worked well to recruit armies without any opposition and make people obey the rules

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that declared by the emperors and the kings. Religion also was the answer for all unknown things. Earthquakes,tsunamis,volcanic eruptions,storms were punishments of the gods for the sins of people.
People feared,prayed and gave some gifts and sacrifices to make their angry gods happy again.

There are historical evidences some primitive people such as Aztecs,Celts..etc even sacrificed humans to get rid of bad spirits and misfortune.
Today,in the age of knowledge and communication,these fair tales are to simple to believe. Especially,who has a real self-respect. When people stop worshiping those imaginary things,they will see this life is a unique opportunity that you could ever had. Live your life and stop serving to make your imaginary lords happy. It'd be better to stop fighting and killing each other for those imaginary things.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

what is God?

When I say "I don't believe in god" in a conversation,people often say : "What do you think about the universe?", "how did whole universe come to exist?,by the chance? " Well,they expect me to answer their questions. Okay but when I ask the same questions to them,I receive only one answer. "God created!!!"Of course it is not a satisfying answer to me. Indeed,how did god decide to create the universe? How did god find that power to create it? Is there anything which encouraged god to create the universe in this way? ......etc. I can ask infinite questions about this subject. And there is not a clear answer to my questions. Obviously The God is a supernatural,omnipotent,immortal thing which you can't ask or interrogate about it in believers' minds. They don't even try to ask themselves about status of god. He is such an untouchable object in their mind. Such a taboo which is not enough to explain existence of universe. In this case believers cannot ask me about existence of the universe,life...etc. Because I don't know. Maybe nobody knows. We people are too little,too small to answer the questions about this huge universe. We can't evaluate whole universe with the rules which we met on this earth. Earth in the universe is like a piece of sand in the desert. We may have a lot of way to understand the universe. Now we are just trying to find the answers one by one. Everyday inch by inch. This is why science exists.We will learn a lot of things and a lot of thing will be changed in the future. It is too early to accept unchangeable taboos to answer the questions.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My thoughts on Money

Money is one of the most important inventions in history. It is the heart of trades and economy,the main source of power,fame and wealth. And may be the primary reason of the wars. Today it is almost impossible to live without money. It is also the biggest passion of humans. It doesn't surprise us if someone kill somebody for money. Even whole family can be killed by one of the family members. Money is our happiness,sadness,greed,joy....etc. Briefly it is everything to us. Let's take a look at its history. The first stamped money was introduced about 2600 years ago by Lydians.It was spreaded from Mediterranean and Asia Minor to the other places via shipping and trading. Other civilizations adopted it by the time. It's had a different a meaning and importance since industrial revolution. Different thoughts,theories and ideologies were developed such as communism,capitalism,socialism...etc. Social and economic problems,conflicts,revolutions occurred in different countries. Finally today. We are in another economic trouble. Highly globalized world is like a body anymore. When somewhere hurts whole body is affected by it. The reason of crisis might be the mortgage credits I don't know but it is affecting whole countries right now. Anyway there must be a lesson for us to get. It may be the time to invent new ways,develop new ideas.Maybe the power of money,the old invention cannot carry this huge,heavy world anymore.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mother Nature and You

We humans frequently think that the world belongs to us.It rotates for us.The sun rises every morning for us.The other animals serve to us.Bees make a lot of honey we to feast ourselves.Trees give their fruits to feed us and so forth...But are there correct?No!!! Even the control of nature is out of our hands.Everyday I hear about swine flu.The cause of flu is a little material.People are scared of it.It's just a little virus which is not possible to see even with a normal microscope.And this little thing can be destructive for all of us.It may be just a little anger of mother nature.It's seems like we are no more than some flesh to nature.Indeed we are existed from some bones and flesh.We eat and excrete to survive,mate to grow our population,travel,migrate and spread all around the world...etc.All our joy and happiness come from these options.It's just simple like that.This is called LIFE.We are not much different from other living beings.
The world didn't exist for us but we exist for nature.We are all on our owns.We are so lonely at the same time.It's better to respect to nature and do no cross it's borders.
If earth fall,we all fall.....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love and Hate

Sometimes I hear that one should love everything.Carry a lot of love in your heart for everyone,even for your enemy.I don't think these kind of things are healthy thoughts.If you love everything,your love will loose it's meaning.What is love?I think it's a special feeling.It's like finding some thing from heaps which has a meaning for you,finding some people from crowds who have the same points as you.You can't love everything.If you think you do,then you really don't love anything.Why?Because something must be special for you.You should pay attention for them.Sometimes you make sacrifices for the sake of them.And somebody loves you back,does the same things for you.So you will be able to happy together.It's the deal.But isn't this pretty normal to hate something/somebody that is against your love?You cannot show respect for people who try to hurt you and people that you love.You may sit and think that why other people try to hurt you without a reason.But there is a reason.People are different.Sometimes,somebody may dare to cross your borders for his/her benefits.In this case you just can't sit and watch.You have to show your range for your them for your enemy to protect what you love.This is why hate exists.It's an art to use your hate to lead your life.Hate isn't too bad and harmful unless you can't control your mind.You have to hate something if you really love something.Well you may hate to think about bad things,you may hate people who try to steal your love but yeah you have to hate.And you should know there will always be a war.Life itself is a war.

"igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum"(latin proverb)

"therefore whoever desires peace, let him prepare for war"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First post

Alphabet 03

I am a new blogger.It is good to express yourself via writing.I believe in the power of writing.Because we spend just a little time when we talk.We spend more time to think when we are writing.And it is just a print from your brain.It's like your thoughts find their souls in the letters.Reading other people's writings also enriches your life by this way.Every new story can be new image in your mind.Shortly It's a good opportunity to write about your thoughts,share them with others,read other people's posts and improve your thoughts.Writings have another importance.They are almost immortal.We learn stories of people from history by their writings.There is a cool Latin motto about this :

" verba volant, scripta manent "

" words fly away, writings remain "